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Originele litho 28/99 van Annapia Antonini schakende kinderen

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Originele litho 28/99 van Annapia Antonini schakende kinderen
nr 28 van 99 originele drukken gesigneerd A. Antonini.
Kinderen aan tafel met een schaakspel
afm met passe-partout 32x38cm. afbeelding 14x19cm

Op Internet is veel te vinden over deze kunstenares zie ook foto 4 en tekst

Ik heb 2 originele stukken van haar zie foto 5 en mijn andere advertentie

250 euro

Annapia Antonini was born in 1942 in Switzerland and studied art in her homeland as well as painting and etching in Paris. She has exhibited extensively throughout Europe, Japan and the USA. Most of what I found about Annapia was written by Anthony Dawson about her work. He wrote that there is a poetic quality of Antonni's work that has always appealed to him. He said her subject in the painting is often very ordinary items but she uses them in an
observant way. Common things we see everyday, a dish of vegetables, a plate of fish, a few chairs arranged in an apparently random fashion. He also said the arrangement of items in the composition are far from accidental. There is always a deliberate choice, and her technique displays the beauty of simple things and showing how they relate to us. Her work focuses on the poetic nuances in everyday life conveying magic and deep lyricism. Her compositions are simplistic and calm, owing to her deliberate choices of simple subjects

zie ook mijn andere schilderijen met mooie lijsten van o.a.

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