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Milton Clark Avery "" Coastal scene oil sketch ''

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Milton Clark Avery "" Coastal scene oil sketch '' 1945 op papier ( telefoon boek )?  19 x 28 cm


Milton Clark Avery (March 7, 1885[1] – January 3, 1965[2] ) was an American modern painter. Born in Altmar, New York, he moved to Connecticut in 1898 and later to New York City.

Avery's work is seminal to American
abstract painting—while his work is clearly representational, it focuses
on color relations and is not concerned with creating the illusion of
depth as most conventional Western painting since the Renaissance has.
Avery was often thought of as an American Matisse, especially because of
his colorful and innovative landscape paintings. His poetic, bold and
creative use of drawing and color set him apart from more conventional
painting of his era. Early in his career, his work was considered too
radical for being too abstract; when Abstract Expressionism became
dominant his work was overlooked, as being too
representational.[citation needed]

French Fauvism and German
Expressionism influenced the style of Avery's early work, and his
paintings from the 1930s are similar to those of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner.
By the 1940s, Avery's painting style had become more similar to Henri
Matisse, and his later works use color with great coa.







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