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Bronzen Brons Beeld The Vine Vrouw Naakt Harriet Frishmuth Art Nouveau

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Prachtig Bronzen Beeld 
Naam: 'The Vine' 

Brons en Marmer
'Harriet Frishmuth' op beeld
Hoogwaardige reproductie naar origineel beeld van Harriet Frishmuth The Vine,  MET, New-York

Hot Cast Bronze
Gewicht 3,5 Kilo
Afmetingen in cm. ca 44 H x 22 B x 15 D

Ophalen of verzenden. Nederland 9,- aangetekend en verzekerd. België 28,- aangetekend en verzekerd 

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In the early twentieth century, sculptures of dancing women were produced in great numbers, inspired in part by the success of dancers Isadora Duncan, Loïe Fuller, and Anna Pavlova. Frishmuth often turned to dancers for her sculptural themes and employed them to pose for her with musical accompaniment. Shown stretching upward and outward in imitation of a living vine, this lyrical nude balances on tiptoe in the ecstasy of performance, a grapevine suspended in her hands. Bunches of grapes lie at the figure's feet. The first version of this work, a statuette 11-1/4 inches high, was enormously popular, cast in an edition of 396. In 1923, Frishmuth enlarged the sculpture to monumental scale, using Desha Delteil of the Fokine ballet as her model

The American sculptor and artist Harriet Whitney Frishmuth, who created this absolute graceful Art Nouveau figure, was born on September 17, 1880 in Philadelphia. She had attended many different renowned universities such as the French École des Beaux-Arts in Paris or theArt Students League of New York City. Over the years, she has created many unique pieces of art, but also many functional everyday objects. Frishmuth’s works are exhibited in many different places – for example in the National Academy of Design or the Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia. She died at the age of 100 in Connecticut and is buried at Laurel Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia.

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